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Title: Sketches Author: firesorceress1 Rating: PG Challenge:… - Harry Potter FQF

About Title: Sketches Author: firesorceress1 Rating: PG Challenge:…

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Title: Sketches
Author: firesorceress1
Rating: PG
Challenge: 57. Ginny/Dean: Sitting for a sketch
Summary: '...on that day, he drew Ginny Weasley for the first time, but it wouldn't be the last...'
Notes: This is my first Dean/Ginny fic. I've been shipping them silently for quite a while. I hope you enjoy it!

Much thanks to the betas who helped me on this: Sara, tlb & elanor_sarah


Dean Thomas first saw Ginevra Weasley in his second year. He had caught a glimpse of her in the hospital wing, nearing the end of term. She was so pale that her skin was almost white as snow; her fiery red hair limp but still shinning brightly. Somehow, Dean knew he had found the one. Every artist had their great model, someone they were meant to sketch. His was Ginny Weasley, Dean was sure of it; that, however, was a task meant for another day. Dean stopped to take out his sketchpad, before sitting down quietly. On that day, he drew Ginny Weasley for the first time, but it wouldn't be the last.

The second time Dean Thomas sketched Ginny Weasley was during the summer between his third and fourth years. His family had gone on holiday to Egypt, and coincidently met up with the Weasleys. He left with a sketch of Ginny in front of a pyramid, her hair and dress caught in the wind, sand rising slightly above the ground. He had drawn it while the Weasleys were taking turns getting pictures in front of the famous Egyptian marvels. The sketches were stashed away in his portfolio, hidden from the world outside.

The third time Dean Thomas sketched Ginny Weasley was in his third year, during the annual Hogwart's picnic. That day, Ginny was sitting in the grass, staring at the blue lake, with daisies in her hair and a girlish smile on her face. By the day, he had another sketch for his collection.

The fourth time Dean Thomas sketched Ginny Weasley was in the summer between his fourth and fifth year. It was at the most anticipated event of the year, the Quidditch World Cup. He saw the youngest Weasley in the stands, excitement on her face. Dean missed half the game sketching Ginny, but it did not matter. The finished picture went back into his files, tucked safe inside the portfolio.

The fifth time Dean Thomas sketched Ginny Weasley was in his fifth year. He had spied her lying under the great oak tree by the lake, and crept up silently from a distance away. The sereneness of that moment was captured in yet another drawing. Ginny was in a bright sundress, half asleep with her hat in her lap. Dean smiled when he finished and sneaked away silently.

The sixth and seventh time Dean Thomas sketched Ginny Weasley was in his sixth year. The sixth time was during a Quidditch match. Ginny had became a chaser for Gryffindor, and Dean spent the whole time during a Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw match to sketch her while she was soaring through the air looking freer than any bird he'd seen. The seventh time he sketched Ginny was during a Hogsmeade weekend. She was sitting at the counter of the Three Broomsticks with Harry, Ron and Hermione by her side and a cup of butterbeer in her hands. Dean watched them from his booth, and captured the moment of laughter in the youngest Weasley's eyes. At the end of the year, he had two more sketches for his portfolio.

The eighth time Dean Thomas sketched Ginny Weasley was after the war started. Ginny was going to be a Medi-Witch for the order and Dean had signed up to fight for them as well. Before he left, he sketched Ginny who now had a darkness in her eyes he had never seen before. The war was going to change everyone, and Ginny would be no different. The night before Dean left with his unit, he left behind what had grown to be the most precious thing to him. He placed the portfolio onto Ginny's desk, and then he was gone.

The ninth time Dean Thomas sketched Ginny Weasley was during the war. He had been injured and she was the current Medi-Witch on duty, so she healed and bandaged his wounds. Ginny never said a word about his sketches, and Dean never asked if she got the portfolio. He drew her that night while she was working on a healing potion. She was so different from the girl he first saw on that summer day in the infirmary. Dean knew that the war had changed her. Later Dean would find his portfolio tucked safely in one of the drawers of Ginny's desk. He left the newest sketch inside. Dean would find his way to the battlefield again soon, and in those coming days, Ginny felt heartbroken inside without knowing why.

The last time Dean Thomas sketched Ginny Weasley was after the war. Everyone had changed since the fighting ended. Victory was theirs, but the price had been almost too much to bear. Harry Potter was shattered. Ronald Weasley was dead. Hermione Granger was the only one left of the golden trio. When Dean had seen her last, she looked no different than the shells left over from Dementors' Kisses. Dean saw Ginny at Ron's funeral, and he sketched her while she talked about her brother. He never saw his portfolio again, but instead he presented Ginny the sketch. Dean had received a scholarship to an art school in America, and after that final meeting with Ginny, he boarded a flight and left. He never got the portrait he had wanted to draw of Ginny, but somehow, the portfolio had added up to mean so much more.

It was on a bright summer day, years after she left Hogwarts, when Ginny Weasley requested the services of Dean Thomas. He was working on a major project in the states and could not leave. Ginny spent days looking at the portfolio he left behind. She could always get someone else to draw her, but somehow she knew it wouldn't be the same. So she asked Dean to recommend another artist. He gave her a name, and that was that. Ginny sat for three hours posing for the sketch. It wasn't until the artist handed her the drawing that she realized what she had lost without even knowing it. The only man she's ever loved.

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